Every so often, we go in search of packaging supplies due to some packaging need; it may be moving house, sending stuff or just for plain storage! At times, in our homes or offices, we get overwhelmed with things that lie around and are not being used and we don’t see a need for them in the foreseeable future, to preserve such items, or to be more organised, the items can be packaged and stored.

Packaging supplies are in many forms, there are cardboard boxes, postal mailing bags, envelopes, gift boxes, custom made boxes, post bags and sacks. These are some of the popular items used for holding items. Other packaging accessories include: bubble wrap, foam, packing peanuts, air pillows, packing paper and wood wool. These are fillers necessary for filling spaces in between items in a container; they help protect the items from damage. There are also the packaging tapes, glue, strapping material and wrappers. These are used to secure items in a holding container.

Before setting out to acquire any of the above materials, it is important to consider the type of items or goods to be packaged. Also the nature of transportation should be taken into account.

Packaging material should not necessarily make one burst their banks in buying them. Unless the packaging is for some really sensitive and expensive items, cheap and efficient materials are easily available; some even for free. Most holding containers and fillers are re-usable hence the search for packaging supplies should start with one’s own belongings in the home or office. Cardboard boxes and fillers that were once used should be preserved and used at such a time. One should be careful though, to check the condition of the boxes before use.

Another source of the materials is departmental stores. Here one can acquire packaging tapes, glue, envelopes, post bags and many other materials that may come in handy in the packaging. It is advisable to purchase such products in bulk to minimise cost and choose outlets that will offer competitive prices.

Packaging supplies can be acquired for free if one knew where to look. Apart from one’s own home collection of used packaging material, the departmental stores, warehouses, and other outlets will have plenty of used cardboard boxes and fillers that they would otherwise discard. Most of these stores will give them away for free. A search of the local stores will get one enough supplies to package their stuff. Again care should be taken in picking the right boxes as one should only pick those in good shape.

If one cannot get the right supplies locally, the internet is an option where one can get plenty of options and help in getting the right packaging material. The yellow pages also list various packaging supplies company that would be willing to advice and deliver as per an individual’s preferences.

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