In today’s cut-throat business environment, fine margins separate winners from losers. You and your competition probably offer the same quality of product to the same target market. What will determine who gets the order and who is left with dead stock? It’s the little things; the impression you make on your customers when you communicate with them. One of the ways you communicate with your clients, albeit non-verbally, is the way in which you present your product to them. Are they getting a positive or negative image of your company as they unravel the package you’ve delivered? Or are they immediately struck at how cheap and tasteless your effort at packaging is?

To avoid such negative signals being sent to the people who matter most to your enterprise, spare a thought to how you package your goods. Coloured tissue paper is a simple, pocket-friendly way of making your product packaging captivating. Instead of handing your customers their shoes in a plain box, why not put them in a gift bag and then topping it off with coloured tissue paper to give the package a flowery appeal? You could alternatively shred the paper into strips and fill the box with them. For items of clothing and other oddly-shaped items, you could use coloured tissue paper to create a large sweet-style wrapping.  

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