With the many packaging options available in the market today, one will be excused for being confused as to which is the best option for a particular item. Among the many options available is the grip seal bag. Grip seal polythene bags are a very welcome option for packaging. They have not been on the scene for very long but have definitely taken the industry by storm. They are favoured as a superior packaging option among the many others due to their wide range of application and the convenience they offer.

Grip seal bags are actually quite simple in their design. They are mostly made from a very tough transparent plastic material but occasionally one will see one that is not transparent or one that has some graphics on it; these are mostly the customized ones. The bag is designed in the shape of a pouch with a strong snap self-seal strip. The seal is the main feature of the grip seal bags and thus the name. The bags are known with many other names such as zip lock bags, sealable bags, supagrip/ minigrip/ grippa bags or grip seal bags.

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Grip seal bags can be used in many ways. This bag is different from most other packaging options since they are purposely designed to be used for a long time unlike most other packaging options that are designed to be used once. The main use of grip seal bags is storage. They can be used to store a number of things including; small items such as screws, buttons, paper clips, pins and such like items. The sealing strip is air tight and water tight and will effectively hold this tiny items. The walls of the bag, being transparent, will make it easy for one to know the contents of the bag hence finding or picking items from the bag is easy. The bag can also be used to store liquids due to its water tight attribute. Hospitals especially use these bags to store blood. Being water tight and air tight also makes this bag a good choice for storing foodstuffs especially for storing leftovers.

As mentioned before, the plastic that makes up the grip seal polythene bags is very strong and the seal is also very strong such that one can use the bag very many times. It will actually depend on how careful one is while using the bag. The bag can last for very long since it is tear resistant, puncture resistant and is also designed in a way that it is seamless and will not burst easily.

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