More and more businesses seeking to establish an online presence so as to not only announce their presence to potential customers, but to sell to them directly. With an Internet connection, shoppers can browse through the websites of vendors, see what they like and purchase it right away. The items are then shipped to them securely and depending on how far they are from the seller they can have their parcels within hours or after a couple of weeks. 

Though some vendors don’t appreciate this fact, the way they package their customers goods can go a long way to determining whether the recipient will place another order from them or not. Something seemingly trivial such as using substandard packaging materials can cause a buyer to cross your name from their list of preferred vendors. So how can you achieve the opposite effect; use your packaging to promote your brand?

Right off the bat, you don’t need to sacrifice your profit margin buying needlessly expensive packaging materials. Remember the aim is simply differentiating your brand from your competitors’. For instance, instead of going for coloured metallic bubble wrap, why not protect the item by using coloured tissue paper which rhymes with your brand colours? However, even as you do this, make sure the product has adequate protection and that there is little risk of it reaching the customer damaged. The key is to combine functionality with uniqueness.

You could also think of making customised packaging supplies with your logo printed on it. This will give the buyer the impression that you take them seriously and that you’re an established brand. Don’t think of this packaging as an expense, think of it as an investment, as an essential part of your marketing budget.     

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