Shrink wrap or shrink film, is a thin material made up of plastic film. When heat is applied, it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering. It can be used to store materials in the warehouse effectively protecting them from adverse weather and holding them together. Shrink wrap is commonly used to protect and package small products, like toys. It also is used to help bundle multiple products together.

There are two types of shrink wrap, the Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) shrink wrap and the Polyolefin Shrink Wrap (POF) shrink wraps. A disadvantage of the PVC Shrink wrap is that it generally hardens in cold conditions and softens under hot conditions, this see sawing will end up compromising the strength of the material. POF is the preferred choice for packaging products. It does not have any plasticizers and hence temperature is not an issue. It also has fewer odours when sealed, has a stronger seal, and more flexible storage. Polyolefin is however more expensive than PVC shrink wrap and some packagers will prefer PVC because of this.

In the warehouse, pallet shrink wrap is wound around items on a pallet thus holding them together. It helps prevent them from falling off, getting misplaced and helps in grouping similar items together. This is also a good way of containing potentially harmful substances such as chemicals or sharp objects. When arranging the pallet to wrap in shrink wraps, the heavier items should be placed at the bottom while the lighter items go to the top. The items should also be tightly packed to eliminate any chance of movement.

An important thing to put into consideration is the gauge of the film. The higher the gauge of the wrap, the thicker the film will be. To protect a single relatively small item, a 60 gauge film may be enough. To wrap up several items together, a thicker, perhaps 75 gauge or more will be necessary. Shrink wraps are smooth and do not cause any surface damage unlike some rough material such as tarps.

Compared to other ways of preserving and protecting goods and items, the shrink wraps offer a great bargain in terms of cost. It is even cheaper buying them in bulk. Another big advantage is that shrink wrap is recyclable.

Many vendors have shrink wrap in stock. One can find and order them online and delivery can be made to the desired location, be it at home or a business location.

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