Have you ever thought about decorating the c4 envelopes you use to send mail and products to your customers? If you have, there is a wide range of designs and colours which you can use to do this.

The allure of putting a letter inside a nicely decorated envelope and posting it to the intended recipient is a joy that no words can adequately describe.

While it is obvious that a number of transformations have occurred due to the increase in the utilisation of the Internet and email as a way of staying in touch with friends, clients and business partners, the irreplaceable charm of envelopes is still there for all to see. When sending anything using an envelope, it is vital to make your envelope look as presentable as possible.

When you embark on the task of decorating your c4 envelopes, there are a variety of things that you will need to help you complete this process successfully. You will need a metallic pen that is either silver or gold, a decorative sticker, an ink stamp, ink and wax seal. After making sure that you have the above mentioned materials, you can proceed and inscribe your customer’s name skilfully using the metallic ink for extra additional glow that is if you are planning to hand them personally. Or if you have the intention of posting it, then the colourful ink can just work well for you. After doing this, you can go ahead and seal the envelope.

Going for decorative seals is the easiest alternative.  But you should ensure that it resembles the metallic colour of your seal to your ink. Stickers are also an excellent way of sealing the envelope.

When it comes to decorating envelopes, you can also use a wax seal kit if you want a sleek and more distinguished look on your envelope. On the other hand an imprinted wax seal can give your envelope the much cherished old fashioned glow.

Back to the stickers. When going about using them you have to collect a wide variety of stickers ranging from the dazzling ones to the most humorous ones and store them ready for use anytime you require decorating the envelope. It may sound weird but the most unusual and flagrant stickers are usually the most esteemed.

Finally inscribing the name using bubble letters or alternatively using special curves can make any person receiving a decorated c4 envelope feel important because of the great amount of work you have put into it.

Source: etsy.com via Meredith on Pinterest

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