Festivities are rarely held without the presence of food and drink which are synonymous with having fun. Holidays are when ardent dieters will decide to let free their reins; the stores will run out of foodstuffs and barbeque aroma will fill the air as every grill will be in use; all kinds of drink will be guzzled down many a throat without restraint with the vital water being marginalised and resigned to cleaning and washing. Meal times will not be observed as the whole day will be meal time; people will revel deep into the night and only when the stomachs can’t stomach anymore top ups will the revellers struggle to their corners to rest in slumber. The after math is an unattractive array of leftovers. The disposal of these leftovers is a major cause for many headaches. Grip seal bags are a good solution.

The grip seal bag is made from some tough and transparent polythene and is equipped with a strong snap-close seal. The seal can be closed and open many times and will still hold extremely well. The seal is air tight. The polythene is also very strong and will not tear or get punctured easily.

These qualities make the bags very good for storing food stuffs especially leftovers. Foodstuffs need to be stored in a water tight container that will help mitigate the food from deteriorating. The air tight seal will also not let germs get in and out of the bag. The seal, since it can be open and closed as often as possible will make it possible to always add more leftovers into the bag and seal until when the bag will be full when it can be disposed or emptied to be used again. The bag due to its tough material will not get punctured easily. Leftovers will probably contain some sharp bones but one should rest assured that these do not pose any threat to the tough polyethylene. This property is also a plus for an environment that has rodents or small pets that may want to tear into the bags.

Grip seal bags are transparent. When one puts in the leftovers into the bag, one can still see them, the sight is unsightly but it let’s one monitor the filling up of the bag, when the bag nears filling, one can make arrangements to empty the bag or to get another bag. These bags are cheap to use and easily available.

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