In the eyes of the ‘luxury consumer’ packaging plays an essential role in the purchasing process. How would you react if you went to buy the latest perfume or a new MacBook Pro and they came packaged in newspaper and a carrier bag? Even though the product is the same, the majority, if not all consumers would not be happy or appreciate this. Buying luxury items is all about the experience, and this includes the packaging too.
Just because something is branded with being ‘luxury’ doesn’t mean it has to be majorly expensive or over excessive. Some great examples of this can be seen in high end jewelry packaging and Apple. They use minimal packaging but overall still scream out that it is a luxury item.

Images from Pinterest
When it comes down to your business and your packaging, creativeness and innovation  need to shine through, think different. Keeping it simple and engaging the customer is key. Giving the customer that overall experience, and making them feel engaged with the product is essential. This can be from the unwrapping of the paper to opening the origami style packaging inside.

Luxury can still be achieved even with a low budget. Recycled and up-cycled materials can still be used in packaging your products. Its the experience that makes the difference. The creative design and use of these materials will give your packaging a bespoke feel and engage your customer. Unfolding your purchase out of the box is all part of the experience and helps to add value. The overall key is to come up with the most effective and efficient way to engage your potential customers. No matter what the product is that you are selling, give the customer an experience and make sure you match up.

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