If you're following the tips from my gift wrapping plan in the previous post then it could be time to start making Christmas gift tags in your spare time. It can be difficult to know where to start especially if you have never made them before or if you want to try something new.
If you have a very limited amount of time this year then printable labels are definitely the way to go. You can find hundreds of different options online like the ones in the image above. As long as you have the correct thickness of paper or card then all you need to do is print them out and cut them up - simple. The advantages of finding your labels online and printing them out is that it is highly unlikely that anyone else will have the same. Making you appear highly organised and thoughtful. (Which you are of course)
If however you've got a little extra time this year and you're feeling creative, then making your gift tags using left over Christmas cards from last year, oddments of card, stamps, stickers and other pieces of decoration you can find. Using bits of leftover ribbon too small for wrapping gifts to tie or decorate your tags is a great use of materials and can look super cute too. Little bells like the one's in the image above can be sourced from chocolate reindeer and other treats during this years or last years Christmas period.

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