For as long as I can remember, Christmas presents in our house have been carefully wrapped in bright, colourful seasonal paper with labels of varying kinds. Most presents were a uniform(ish) shape and the most exciting moment of Christmas unwrapping was a bird table - which wasn't wrapped at all.
Getting inventive with wrapping and decorating gifts is great fun and often not wrapping things can be just as fun as wrapping them. If you have an odd shaped gift, why not decorate it in some other way rather than just leaving it. Even if it isn't a huge surprise, that little bit of festive cheer can make all the difference.
Image from Life of a Modern Mom
In the above image it is perfectly obvious as to what the gift is, however it still retains that festive cheer through it's decoration. The decoration its self is easy, just some simple pipe cleaners, googly eyes and a red pom pom. Other ideas for decorating presents without wrapping them is adding paper Santa hats, a bottle of wine looks great with a paper Santa hat on top. Adding some sparkle, a little bit of tinsel or some glitter looks snow-like and festive.

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