Food for many people is a great way to get noticed. Food is the way to consumers hearts whether in the product or in the packaging. A trend very popular at the moment is making packaging for products that aren't food, look like food or look like they contain food.
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This style doesn't directly say that it is food related packaging however the style is the same as that found on some sweet and chocolate wrappers. Especially the colourful kind found in tins. The idea behind this is to show a lighthearted sense of colour and also make them seem even more desirable - as they are a beauty product they are intended to show it can make a woman look appetising.
Johnny cupcakes is renowned for its imaginative packaging and the most popular is to do with food. The selling point for Johnny cupcakes is the fact that despite their brand name, they actually sell t-shirts, clothing and accessories. The frosting can, with fake frosting even dripped down the sides this looks like a highly realistic piece of food packaging. It even has 'nutritional values' on the back of the tin. These packaging designs make the clothing special as they are individual and something not seen before.

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