A perfume by Balenciaga which goes a long way into capturing the spirit of tropical and exciting plants and flowers and then converting these scents and images into packaging design.
Images from The Die Line
The hard black and white stripes are bold and impacting, quite basic but completely on trend. The flashes of colour either side of the bottle show the perfumes exotic and flowery roots. They have been kept to the side to prevent the attention being diverted from the thick black and white tube inside the bottle. This is far more attractive than the usual thin plastic tubes that sit inside a perfume bottle.
The box design is far more flower and plant based than the bottle its self but this allows the bottle to be simple and uncomplicated while the box has some more artistic merits. The style of exotic flower found on the packaging is beautiful and ornate suggesting elegance and quality. The colours are also those found on the bottle, linking the packaging together.

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