It might be cold outside and a hot drink might be the best thing to help warm you up when you're cold but sometimes it's nice to have something different for a change. This energising iced tea could do just that, especially with packaging like this, designed by Muuca in New York.
Images from the Die Line
Energy drinks are all the rage but often they are associated with chemicals, caffeine and all manner of things that really aren't good for you. Sometimes we all need a little boost but if we want to be nice to our bodies then an energy drink isn't the answer. These 'energy drinks' have, however taken a completely different approach from the product inside to the way the packaging is designed.

Designed to have a healthier set of ingredients these iced teas are full of natural flavours and energy producing elements. The labels and overall look of the packaging get this message across wonderfully. The glass bottles somehow seem nicer and of a higher quality than a metal can and as they have a lid they are re-sealable unlike most energy drinks.

The decoration on the labels is also a lot more delicate than that of an ordinary energy drink. The usual wild, dark and intense imagery found on them is no where to be found here. The natural ingredients have been drawn with bright colours and change depending on the flavour along with the theme colour for that flavour too.  The simple shape of the bottle also gives the idea that these drinks are simple and good for you, which is the whole principle of the brand, Runa.

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