The highly popular tortilla and dip brand Doritos has tuned its self into the needs and desires of their target marketing to create a great new packaging range to be used globally. Dortios has a huge market it teens and young adults, they have long been established at the top of the tortilla snack tree and have in recent years began to conquer the individual crisp packet industry too. Their appeal has long been seen in the element of party food meant for sharing, targeting themselves at those with busy social lives and regular get togethers rather than at the quick snack market, their packaging has reflected their originality and the well establish flavours and shape.
Image from the Die Line
To better reflect their cool and fast paced brand personality they have given their whole image an update. The logo/brand name has been made more streamlined and now incorporates the the iconic shape of the product which is so well known. The packaging also invites the consumer to purchase other products in the range which will enhance their experience as Doritos salsa is another popular product of theirs. Having two products which go together and advertising this on their packaging has helped Dortios on its way to the top of brand recognition and consumer popularity.

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