While anyone can have an ecommerce website built or have a store on eBay where they can sell their wares, this alone is not a guarantee of a steady stream of buyers and success. Many people ‘open’ ecommerce stores only to shut up shop a few months later when they realise that they’re spending much more on hosting and other such expenses than they’re selling. There are some common mistakes that lead to this inevitable decline and some of them are listed below.

Have you defined the scope of your business? It is unreal the number of people who dive into the ecommerce waters simply because they’ve found something to sell that they think is in demand. When demand for that product slows, they jump to another product, sometimes unrelated to what they were stocking initially. They fail to realise, as they spread their capital across a wide range of products, that their visibility online is reducing. This is because Google and other search engines cannot associate them with a particular set of keywords.

Another common mistake is setting up a website and not having a clear marketing strategy to give it visibility in the eyes of potential clients. Of course marketing means money and in spending this money, you should give yourself the assurance that you’re reaching prospective buyers. For this reason you should not put all your marketing eggs in one basket. Try and use as many channels as possible to attract traffic to your site; social media platforms, blogs, sending emails etc.

The last thing you or your brand needs is the reputation of having a site that constantly hangs or is extremely slow. You therefore need to ensure that you have the best quality of hosting you can afford. This is an area you can ill afford to scrimp on.   

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