I am addicted to alcohol packaging. Wines, beers, spirits and all manner of alcohol consumption and creation related products and their packaging make my world go round. Please let me know in the comments if I'm not alone. Here are some of my favourite alcohol packaging designs!
Images from - from up north
This beer packaging design is genius! The outer box is designed to look like an old fashioned tape player and radio, the detail of all the buttons, switches and even the screws is fantastic. The window that would usually reveal the cassette instead shows the iconic beer label and the slogan 'it's Miller time' fits in with the idea that drinking Miller is something to be done when relaxing and enjoying time with friends. 
This Pinot Noir packaging has an element of spookiness about it. The font used that appears to be printed directly on to that glass is highly decorative and is reminiscent of something that could be found in very old books. The grey decoration on the dark glass also has a smokey effect and doesn't really jump out at the consumer making it harder to read. The label has the classic Alice in Wonderland 'drink me' idea on it and the product is made to seem of higher quality with a real wax seal.

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