One thing Coke is renowned for is its limited edition packaging. From the holiday season and sporting events to promoting popular music artists, movie releases and fashion labels - Coke's packaging is always current.
With the release of Daniel Craig's second bond film 'Quantum of Solace', Coke's 'Coke Zero' product became 'Coke Zero Zero 7'. Using the popular gun barrel circle and a silhouette of Daniel Craig's incredibly popular embodiment of James Bond gave this bottle a cool, serious image.
From cool to Christmassy, Coke's contribution to the holiday season came in the shape of a Christmas ornament. Adorned with plenty of snowflakes and the traditional Coca-Cola Christmas characters (Santa and his polar bear buddy) Coke built on their highly popular Christmas advertisement - everyone knows Christmas is coming when they see the Coca-Cola lorry.
Creative Director at Chanel and excellent designer in his own right, Karl Lagerfeld let Coke use his iconic silhouette for a limited edition 'Coke Light' product. Synonymous with Chanel and Fendi his image represents high-society fashion and excellent design.

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