There are many ways of communicating with people. One could do it one on one in a direct manner; this is the most common way that people communicate and have communicated. Another way is by using technology appliances such as phones. This is also a one on one approach and is also quite effective. We could also communicate to multiple people at the same time, i.e. one person sending a similar message to multiple people, also known as mass communication. This can be done in rallies, meetings, crusades etc. One could also use the help of radio or TV to pass across the message.  The use of a notice board is another way to communicate a message to many people; especially a certain kind of people in one area or building.

A notice board is basically a board where written messages are stuck for people to read. There are two major types of notice boards available today; the pin board and the magnetic notice board. The pin board notice board is what has been used mostly and the magnetic board s the newer invention. The pin board notice board consists of a spongy material that is at times made from cork. Sheets of paper containing the printed or written messages are stuck to the board using pins and removed when their time on the board expires. A disadvantage of these boards is that due to the frequent puncturing and extraction, the board disintegrates very fast. In the magnetic boards, the board consists of a metallic panel where one can stick messages using magnetic items.

To be able to use a notice board in the most effective way, one should make sure that the board is as noticeable as possible. This is so as the message can be able to be seen by all who pass nearby. This can be done by strategically placing the board in the most frequented place that is also well lighted so that the messages can be clearly seen. The notice board should also be made to be as alluring as possible. Some are made to have attractive colours such as white or some metallic shiny colours. The board should also be elevated to be seen by all. The elevation level should not be too high as this will make people to strain too much to see the messages.

The messages that are stuck on the notice board should also appeal to the eye. They should also be arranged on the board accordingly so as to make it easy to read them.

Whether you work in packaging, or you just use lots of it, you need an office that works practically, but also looks good! Finding the right balance in your workspace is important as you can't work productively in a cluttered and chaotic space. Too much going on in your office can lead to disorganization and the losing of important files. Check out some of these office designs that perfectly balance form and function;
Your office can still be colourful; it's not distracting if there isn't much clutter.
A pastel colour scheme is always good for relaxation and calm.
Surround yourself with things that inspire you.
Lots of glass means lots of healthy natural light!
A black office can look classy and glamourous.
You do not have to spend too much on packaging when making deliveries to your clients. If you search thoroughly, you are sure to find cheap packaging boxes that will serve the purpose.

 You need to consider two things when looking for boxes for your shipping purposes. First is the nature of your products. Are they items that are fragile such as bottles of wine or CDs and DVDs? These will demand special packaging to keep them from getting damaged in transit. Much as you may want not to overspend on packaging, you will need to get special boxes for the bottles that keep each bottle separate from the others to avoid breakage. For DVDs, you will need to buy wallet shaped boxes that fit the DVDs in a compact way or at least wrap them in bubble wrap. These added protective features will of course be reflected in the final cost, but it is better to spend a little extra and be sure that your customers receive their purchases in mint condition.   

The other factor to consider is the volume of your orders. One of the ways you can save on packaging is by buying your boxes in bulk.  Monitor the flow of demand for products of different sizes and plan bulk orders, say monthly, depending on the volume of business you have. Bulk orders are likely to see you save on delivery of the boxes to your premises. Most vendors offer free delivery if orders exceed a certain amount, say £60. Another way you can save on packaging is by encouraging your own customers to make bulk purchases so that where possible you can put the multiple goods going to a single customer in one box.

Use the Internet to help you find the best deals, offers and clearance sales by box vendors. Visit several websites and compare prices, checking who is giving special offers or has items on sale. Also check for vendors who offer free delivery. An easy way of staying informed of discounts on boxes is by becoming an online member of these vendors’ websites. Then you will qualify to receive newsletters informing you of any special offers or discounts. The savings you make as a result will enable you to lure in more customers with lower prices than your competitors. This will doubtlessly make it worth the effort to look for cheap packaging boxes.

When packaging for your business, it shouldn't always entirely be about functionality, to give your business the edge, you should explore some packaging design. Sending your customers a beautifully wrapped item can add value to your product by making it seem more luxurious and letting your customer know you look after them even after the item has been bought. 
The first thing you should do is look into graphics, tying your packaging in with your business' graphics can make your packaging cohesive to the rest of your business. Customers see more in products that are well thought out, and packaging design can make or break a product. Items can even become cult items due to the way they're packaged. Think of Apple for example. You can invest in something as simple mailing labels and a stamp to place on each package to bring everything together.
Thinking inside the box, consider what you use to package your actual item. With small scale businesses you can invest cheaply by buying used jars in bulk, or handcrafted boxes.  Larger businesses can look into a packaging designer, to create something tailored for your product.
My last tip, is to use something as simple and traditional as wrapping paper. Smaller items can be sent through the post wrapped in printed paper, or if you are a larger business you can commission paper with your logo on it very simply. Smaller businesses may find it more cost effective to buy craft paper and print their own designs using stamps. Tied up with twine, you can create a unique effect that will make your customer feel extremely valued, and possibly even lead to loyalty!