Mail Lite envelopes are truly loved by many of us. Indeed, there is absolutely no reason not to. We can use it for a wide variety of things, we can use it for many occasions, and we can also mail a wide range of materials within the envelopes. Again, there is absolutely no reason not to love the envelopes.

So that we will be able to answer the question more comprehensively, we need to understand what this kind of packing material is. Basically, as we have said in the first paragraph, this is actually a kind of envelope. What makes it different from other types of envelopes is that it is made differently. As such, it can be used for a wider range of purposes.

There are three general types of envelopes according to built. First, we have the ordinary envelopes which we use for sending single documents to friends, families, or associates. We also have the heavy envelopes which are made in order to maximize protection to your goods. Padded envelopes, for instance, belongs to this category. Indeed, the protection provided by the padded envelopes is outstanding. The problem with the envelopes with padding is that it might be too heavy or bulky for some purposes.

This is where the middle weight envelopes come in. Mail lite envelopes offer lighter protection than the heavy envelopes, yet they offer significantly more protection than your average envelope. In other words, they are ideal for many forms of transactions. For instance, if you are in the photography business, you can send your finished goods to your clients with the use of this packing material. If you are sending a bunch of flyers to a client or to a specific division in your company, you can also make use of the light envelope.

The bottom-line is, for most kinds of transactions, the Mail Lite envelopes are most ideal. For transactions and communications which do not require heavy protection, this type of packing material would come in handy. 

Shrink wrap is something that is most familiar to many of us. In the field of business, we use the wraps in order to protect our goods. Indeed, this is the actual and technical purpose of the packing material. However, its application is not merely limited to money-making. The wraps are, as a matter of fact, just as useful at home as they are in the offices.

So, what are the different uses of the wraps? There are several.

The most important use of the wraps is in saving leftover food. Basically, we cannot always buy the right amount of food all the time. More often than not, we buy more than we can actually eat. Most of us prefer buying more than less because, well, we do not want to end up having insufficient amount of food. The problem now arises especially when it comes to making sure that the food does not get spoiled. Putting them in the ref is sometimes not enough as microscopic microbial organisms can get through. The ensure that they stay edible, we make use of the wraps. You do not need to be skilled to make use of the wraps. As a matter of fact, all you need to do is spread it all across the food so that every single surface is covered. The best thing about it is that it is elastic, so you can actually have an airtight protection for your food.

Of course, the next use of the wrap is in protecting some sensitive materials. Whether you want to mail these sensitive materials or not, it is still advisable to wrap them first in some shrink wraps. The reason why they are named as such is precisely because of the fact that they expand and compress in order to make sure that every inch of your goods are covered and unexposed to the elements.

If you are engaged in business, especially in the packing business, you need to make sure that you have a stable and reliable supply of wraps. You must not rely solely on the other types of packing materials because, well, they are never enough to guarantee the protection of your goods. You must understand that you do not use any packing material singly. You have to use it with other packing materials. For instance, a cardboard box is most effective if you use bubble and shrink wraps with it.

Shrink wrap is often named as the mother’s best friend. This is because of the aforementioned uses that the packing material has earned that title. 

Document enclosed wallets are some of the less known packing materials which are available in the market today. Little is known about it, as a matter of fact, that very few know it even exists. If you google it, you would never be able to find any article discussing what it is or what it is for. Of course, you will be able to encounter a lot of websites selling these packing materials. So, basically, answering the question posed in the title means that we need to understand first what the packing material is. What then, is it? The truth of the matter is that it is, as a matter of fact, a special type of envelope. Indeed, it functions like an envelope, and it looks like an envelope – more or less.

Just like an envelope, the document enclosed wallet comes in many sizes. As such, we can say that you will be able to use this packing material in order to mail or send documents of any sizes.

How does this packing material differ from normal envelopes? Basically, the document wallet, as the name implies, is for mailing official and formal documents. This also means that the documents contained in the packing material are confidential in nature. This is because this material, as the name again suggests, is self sealing. The moment you close it, you will never be able to open it again without actually damaging the envelope. Hence, this is the best type of packing material to ensure the confidentiality of your documents. Other types of envelopes can offer a degree of protection from tampering, but none come close to the actual protection given by the documents enclosed wallets. It goes without saying, therefore, that this type of envelope is most useful for high-level communication – those types of communications which can only be seen, heard, or read both ends of the line.   
With the many packaging options available in the market today, one will be excused for being confused as to which is the best option for a particular item. Among the many options available is the grip seal bag. Grip seal polythene bags are a very welcome option for packaging. They have not been on the scene for very long but have definitely taken the industry by storm. They are favoured as a superior packaging option among the many others due to their wide range of application and the convenience they offer.

Grip seal bags are actually quite simple in their design. They are mostly made from a very tough transparent plastic material but occasionally one will see one that is not transparent or one that has some graphics on it; these are mostly the customized ones. The bag is designed in the shape of a pouch with a strong snap self-seal strip. The seal is the main feature of the grip seal bags and thus the name. The bags are known with many other names such as zip lock bags, sealable bags, supagrip/ minigrip/ grippa bags or grip seal bags.

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Grip seal bags can be used in many ways. This bag is different from most other packaging options since they are purposely designed to be used for a long time unlike most other packaging options that are designed to be used once. The main use of grip seal bags is storage. They can be used to store a number of things including; small items such as screws, buttons, paper clips, pins and such like items. The sealing strip is air tight and water tight and will effectively hold this tiny items. The walls of the bag, being transparent, will make it easy for one to know the contents of the bag hence finding or picking items from the bag is easy. The bag can also be used to store liquids due to its water tight attribute. Hospitals especially use these bags to store blood. Being water tight and air tight also makes this bag a good choice for storing foodstuffs especially for storing leftovers.

As mentioned before, the plastic that makes up the grip seal polythene bags is very strong and the seal is also very strong such that one can use the bag very many times. It will actually depend on how careful one is while using the bag. The bag can last for very long since it is tear resistant, puncture resistant and is also designed in a way that it is seamless and will not burst easily.

Pantone is the 'it' word when it comes to colour and their simple style and beautiful colour shades have been a real hit across many industries around the world. It has influenced products and their packaging in a big way and here is one of my favourite packaging designs around.
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When you have Pantone toothbrushes, you know you've either hit the peak of your on trend lifestyle or you've gone crazy. These 5 colours seem to sum up the world as we know it, the colours are exactly the reason why everyone is crazy for Pantone and the packaging makes this whole experience 100 times better. Outside of the colours Pantone's brand is just simple black and white, with a plain font and a minimalist style throughout which, much like it does with these tooth brushes, brings the focus back to the colours. the plain plastic allows you to clearly see everything on the inside of the packaging and the plain white typography is set carefully do that it sits on top of the colours and not the white. The shape of the box is simple as is the layout of the typography. All together it looks spectacular.
There are many ways of communicating with people. One could do it one on one in a direct manner; this is the most common way that people communicate and have communicated. Another way is by using technology appliances such as phones. This is also a one on one approach and is also quite effective. We could also communicate to multiple people at the same time, i.e. one person sending a similar message to multiple people, also known as mass communication. This can be done in rallies, meetings, crusades etc. One could also use the help of radio or TV to pass across the message.  The use of a notice board is another way to communicate a message to many people; especially a certain kind of people in one area or building.

A notice board is basically a board where written messages are stuck for people to read. There are two major types of notice boards available today; the pin board and the magnetic notice board. The pin board notice board is what has been used mostly and the magnetic board s the newer invention. The pin board notice board consists of a spongy material that is at times made from cork. Sheets of paper containing the printed or written messages are stuck to the board using pins and removed when their time on the board expires. A disadvantage of these boards is that due to the frequent puncturing and extraction, the board disintegrates very fast. In the magnetic boards, the board consists of a metallic panel where one can stick messages using magnetic items.

To be able to use a notice board in the most effective way, one should make sure that the board is as noticeable as possible. This is so as the message can be able to be seen by all who pass nearby. This can be done by strategically placing the board in the most frequented place that is also well lighted so that the messages can be clearly seen. The notice board should also be made to be as alluring as possible. Some are made to have attractive colours such as white or some metallic shiny colours. The board should also be elevated to be seen by all. The elevation level should not be too high as this will make people to strain too much to see the messages.

The messages that are stuck on the notice board should also appeal to the eye. They should also be arranged on the board accordingly so as to make it easy to read them.

The plain bubble envelopes were a great introduction as a packaging product and their advantages made them surpass many other mailing packaging options. You can imagine the impact when the bubble envelopes were improved by introducing a metallic cover for them. This made them gain even more popularity for the additional advantages they provided. Today many of these envelopes can be seen all around as they are used to mail some of the more sensitive and more valuable items. These envelopes are also seen frequently being used to mail electronic gadgets.

The metallic bubble envelopes are made of a tough kraft plastic that can withstand adverse conditions making it puncture proof, tear proof, and the envelope cannot burst easily. Together with the air bubbles, which are a major attribute of these envelopes, the package provides a stiff and hardy cover that will protect the contents inside. The bubbles inside are filled with air which is excellent in providing cushioning against compression forces and shock or vibrations which could cause damage to the sensitive objects inside.

The introduction of air bubbles as a substitute for cushioning was a great idea from the Seal Air Company. This company is responsible for the invention of bubble wraps. The same company acquired the Jiffy Company which had been producing cushioned envelopes up to that time. The “Jiffy” envelopes, as they were known, used paper wool to provide cushioning for the envelope’s contents. Despite being effective, it was not very efficient since the mail ended up being too bulky and attracted high postage rates due to weight.

The metallic bubble bags are made from a seamless plastic cover with a tamper resistant seal to cap it all. To access the contents, one has to break the seal which cannot be resealed. This makes it an ideal option for mailing items that are eyes only. The secure envelope when sealed is water proof and is also air tight; none of these can either go in or go out. This attribute makes the bubble envelope ideal to package items sensitive to liquids

The metallic bubble envelopes add a lot of aesthetic value to the envelopes. The metallic envelopes are available in many attractive shiny colours. These envelopes are very appealing and can be used to send gifts. The metallic cover also reflects off heat or conducts it away thereby making the envelope a good option for packing heat sensitive objects. The metal also conducts away electric charges that may damage electronic gadgets.

Has anyone ever told you how exceptional llamas can make packaging? No? I didn't think they had, or this style of amazing packaging would be happening all the time.
Llamas in scarves/ponchos are the most mesmerizing thing to put on packaging ever. Not only that but the products themselves are shaped like llamas too! Bright colours along with llamas in clothing and very cool typography makes great this some of my favourite packaging at the moment.

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Wool packaging is fairly limited in its abilities however this takes it to a whole new level. The humorous element to this packaging can be felt across all age ranges and even those who don't use the product will be attracted to the product. The use of different faces and hair colours being changed by the wool is a great idea and the whole design is highly amusing and very clever.

The warmer weather is sure to have you craving a cold treat and this packaging is gorgeous! The range of flavours is complimented by the beautiful colours and the patterns are unique for every flavour. It really captures an exotic but feminine feel. The images of the product with a bit take out of it are enough to get you salivating while it's still in the freezer.

Pastries, bagels and other foods that you can buy on the go at breakfast or lunchtime can look delicious but not have very attractive packaging. Often it will come in a plain paper bag, sometimes with branding on depending on where you have purchased it but this is neither hunger making nor product specific. Here is an example of round food packaging that looks attractive, gives an opportunity for branding and shows enough of the product that it can make a customer hungry and tempt them into a sale. It would be used with a whole range of round foods and possibly adapted for those which don't have a whole in the middle. It also gives the product that freshly baked feel which customers love. Take at look at the packaging next time you buy food, would it make you hungry if you didn't know what you wanted to eat?

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Tetra Pak have long been king in the carton and liquid packaging world but the on the go drinks industry has remained untouched by them. That is all about to change with their new style of packaging. The Tetra Prisma Aseptic 330ml cartons comes with a resealable 'dream cap' allowing consumers to enjoy the product on the go without worrying about finishing it all at once or spilling it on their travels. It is totally different to anything else on the market at the moment and for Jimmy's Iced Coffee, this is sure to be a great USP for the time being.
The shape of the packaging looks new and exciting and is sure to get its self noticed by consumers. The design on the packaging has been well thought out, the banner with the slogan 'Keep your chin up' has been placed on the carton in such a way that the folds in the cartons design accentuate the banners shape and make it look more attractive.

The product its self will be packed in the UK, the first of its kind to do so. Overall the entire design has a fun and endearing feeling, on trend with the typography styles and its slogans. A really great start for this Jimmy's Iced Coffee and for Tetra Pak's new design.