Those people who are well conversant with what it entails to go through the bumpy process of sending or delivering items, they will most definitely agree with the fact that bubble wrap rolls are an exceptional material which can be a great addition to your box of packaging supplies.

For the benefit of those who do not have the slightest clue on what this material is, it is a flexible see-through material that is by and large used in the packing of delicate items.  This material is regularly spaced and has air filled hemispheres sticking out of it that provide cushioning for the delicate items. When this packaging material is added to your box of packaging supplies, its bubbles are the ones that bring about the cushioning for sensitive items.

This material is often available in a number of different sizes and can actually be tailored to conform to the exact size and shape of the items that are being packaged. In addition to this, it can also be designed in such a way that it will be able to satisfy the degree of cushioning or protection that is required for your items. In some certain instances, multiple layers of this packaging material are put in the box of packaging supplies to give the box shock and vibration isolation.

The good thing about this material is just one sheet of it can be adequate to act as a surface protective layer. What’s more, the air filled hemispheres can be easily shaped in any shape and design that suits you.

Bubble wrap can be as small as 6 millimetres in diameter to as big as 26 millimetres but in some circumstances, this material is known to even go beyond 26 millimetres.  You should however note that the larger the air filled hemispheres on this material, the more it offers additional levels of shock absorption when your items are being transported. Besides, adding up to the level of protection for your items as a result of the varying sizes of the air bubbles on this material, this plastic material itself has the ability to provide some kind of cushioning for the objects in transit. A perfect example of this characteristic is seen when transporting very delicate electronic components. When these electronic components are on transit, there’s a type of bubble wrap that is utilised as an anti static plastic that drives away static charge thus safeguarding the extremely delicate electronic chips from static which can destroy them.

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