Now I know I do a lot of bla-blaing on this blog but never has this been associated with cookies. Student designers Oksana Paley, Adeliya Koldarova, Zaira Panaeva and Daria Sapozhnikova from Russia have take a concept from personal behavior into a cookie brand.
Images from packaging of the world
They have taken the concept of an employee who doesn't talk much during work time but is quite happy to gossip during the break into a biscuit brand. The idea is simple the biscuits are for a break and they become the symbol of the break time chat. The opening for the biscuits is in the position of the 'mouth' on the packaging's hand drawn designs. Each different flavour has a different hair colour that corresponds to the colour of the flavour. Giving a personality to the product and it's packaging. The concept seems quite light hearted and attractive however despite this it still looks like something that might appeal to children more than office working adults.

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