Sometimes in life, we all need a little bit of awesome, whether it's the packaging or the product its self. I think it is important that we feed our brains with something interesting and awesome every now and again.
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This is a whole new take on the chocolate coin. If you love to play poker then you'll love this. Chocolate packaged up as playing cards, coins and poker chips. The bright and colourful chips are very cool, betting chips are often a cool trinket that people like to collect and chocolate ones are even cooler. The playing cards too are fantastic, this package is a gambling chocoholics dream!
It really is difficult to understand both the packaging and the product here. Chocolate milk is a highly enjoyable substance we all liked to indulge in as a child and beer is something us adults enjoy too. Put them all in the same product and what you have is awesome, mixed with something a little revolting... The packaging does a great job of getting the ingredients across before the consumer has even read the writing. The bottle is a classic beer bottle shape with the brewery logo embossed in glass on the side. The majority of the imagery is a cow eating a bar of chocolate which says all it needs to say. The typography is very Willy Wonka/Alice in Wonderland in style which reflects the weird nature of the flavour.

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