Different working environments call for different packaging solutions. This usually depends on the items or objects being packed, the quality of packaging that is desired, the class of packaging desired, and many other factors. For example, foodstuffs will need to be packed in packaging that is sanitized and in most cases packaging that is water proof and air tight. This is because foodstuffs will easily go bad if exposed and especially water and air will speed up the destruction. Valuable items are usually packed in packaging that is not easily broken and packaging that will not reveal the package contents. Office environments are places where a lot of paperwork is done. Memos, letters, briefs, reports, licences, and other documents will always be circulating. In such an environment one needs packaging suited for such documents; the C4 envelope is one of the best solutions for office use.

The C4 envelope has a design that is pretty much standard around the world. The design has a size of 12.8” by 9.0”. This is also the size of an A4 paper meaning that an A4 sheet can go into this envelope without any folding. The A4 is the most used size for a sheet of paper. Many documents are therefore in this size. Some documents are sensitive and folding them is not encouraged since folding creates a flaw on the sheet; this therefore makes the C4 envelope invaluable when it comes to packing or mailing such documents. One can also pack many sheets into this envelope and therefore brochures and catalogues can also go into the envelope. Due to this feature of accommodating several sheets, the C4 envelope can be used for storage packaging. In the office we at times want to put several related documents together. This helps us in sorting of documents and also makes it easier to find stuff in the office. The C4 envelope can be used as a very convenient solution.

The office will also need to mail out a lot of letters, bills, and other documents. This is usually done often and will need the management to find a suitable packaging option. The C4 envelope is a good choice since it is very cheap. Mailing costs are also at a minimum while using C4 envelopes since they are not bulky and are very light. These envelopes can also be reused severally depending on how much care they are given.

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