Hatch Design are a truly inspirational design studio, from brand identity and packaging to printed and digital media adverts they have created some exceptional stuff and here are a few examples.
Images from Hatch Design
Jaqk Cellars is a unique and exciting wine brand which, with the help of Hatch Design has created some wonderful packaging and great products to run along side. The root of the brand lies in good quality wine and some classic casino games such as poker, black jack and roulette. The bases of the packaging then took on these elements to make some very cool pieces. One of the most exciting pieces designed had glass sourced from Italy so that the bottle could have a special poker chip embedded into it. This level of time and quality in the design definitely shows it is a high quality product, the poker chip is a very cool addition as the game has been made popular in recent films such as Casino Royale. To complete the super cool and on trend look the bottle is made of a very dark glass, made to appear darker by the red wine inside, the matte finish on the foil seal at the top makes it seem quite exclusive in contrast to the shiny or reflective finishes on the wine bottles found in the supermarket. Despite not being quite as impressive in terms of original design the other bottles throughout the range have been designed with just as much attention to detail and high quality. The labels that look similar to playing cards are designed to reflect both the older style of classic playing card and the highly decorated luxury ones found in casinos today. To give the products a sense of a unified brand identity all of the necks of the bottle have been covered in a matte finish foil with the brand name in white, this is the only thing kept coherent throughout the range as they were keen to ensure that all of the products had their own individual character.

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