You'd think after all the celebrating done over the Christmas holidays we'd be sick of the sight of alcohol and spirits, but this packaging is just too good to resist. This beautiful Kirk and Sweeney bottle is based on the rum smuggling ship it was named after. The neck of the bottle has imagery of the ship itself along with some exclusive information about the alcohol within. Having packaging that is obviously different for each product makes it special and more desirable. The cork in the top of the bottle adds to an authentic feel and makes it look almost as if it could have been smuggled on a ship, the seal on top of the cork makes it feel like a luxury product and the gold colour makes it even more so. The imagery on the bottle of compasses and maps adds to the character of the packaging. The gold and white colour of all the decoration adds to the amber liquid background and the basic shape of the bottle looks beautiful.
Image from lovelypackage

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