One of the most popular premium vodka brands of all time, started out with some of the most unimaginative packaging ever seen. Based on the style of bottle used to store Swedish medicine (a cultural icon that remained unchanged for more than 100 years) Absolut Vodka packaging appeared to be nothing special, in fact a little bit boring. Despite being a prestigious Swedish brand for a number of years success in a greater playing field was needed and the US market became their next target. With such unimaginative packaging however most American distributors turned down the product but eventually one importing company had the insight to take them on. It was at this point that the iconic imprinted medallion was added and the product was sold overseas. This simple style of bottle (and great tasting vodka) was a bigger success that anyone could have imagined. In just 6 years it over-took its Finish and Russian competitors to be the best selling vodka brand in the united states. Only then did it's packaging start to get inventive.

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