When packaging sensitive items, or when we want to give items some buffer protection, we will most of the time use bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is made of bubbled thin plastic. The bubbles offer great protection against shock and destructive vibrations. The material is very popular in packaging and has been used for many years. Bubble wrap is tough and if handled with a bit of care, it can be used many times providing the same quality protection. People have found other ways that bubble wrap can be used effectively.

The obvious other use for bubble wrap is entertainment. We all have popped the bubbles for fun. The pop the bubbles give as they burst are somehow entertaining. It is actually proved that the popping of the bubbles in bubble wrap is therapeutic to stress; it is therefore a good thing that the bubble wrap rolls have hundreds of bubbles.

Bubble wrap can also be used as protection in other ways other than in packaging. In winter the plastic can be stuck to the windows to give the rooms insulation against cold. Bubble wrap will easily stick to a window pane with only a little water sprayed on the window to help the wraps stick. Bubble wrap is transparent and will allow the sunlight to pass through into the room. The bubble wrap can also be used in protecting plants from cold. The bubble wrap can be placed around the plant pots or they can be placed inside before putting in the soil. This will give good cold insulation through winter.

Some of the groceries and fruits we put in the fridge are delicate and fragile and will be scratched or dented by rough or sharp edges that may be in the fridge. Bubble wrap can be placed in the fridge to give a cushion that will protect the foods. It’s also added insulation within the fridge compartments. Similarly, at times we want some foods and drink to maintain their temperature whether it is warmth or cold. Such temperatures can be maintained by wrapping the food or drink containers with bubble wrap.

The bubbles in the bubble wrap provide a spongy, bouncy and cushioning feel that can substitute a mattress. In cases of emergency one only needs to spread bubble wrap on the floor and have a substitute mattress. To get more comfort, one can use several layers instead of only one. This will also provide some warmth and can be used as cover. When working on the ground or under the car, the bubble wrap is a good substitute for a mat.

Another great substitute use for the bubble wrap is clothing. Various clothing can be designed from bubble wrap. Design models have even spotted head gear made from bubble wrap. A rain jacket made from bubble wrap is great since it is water proof and quite warm. Masks have also been made from bubble wrap.

All in all bubble wrap can be used in as many instances as one finds convenient. A big advantage with bubble wrap is that it is tough hence long lasting; it is also very cheap, easily available and can be used many times. Bubble wrap is not a threat to the eco system.

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