As a vendor, you always want to make sure that your products are received by your customers in the condition you sent them. This is reason enough for you to invest in packaging materials that will keep the product safe from bumps and scratches, or more serious damage while in transit. When the product in question is something as fragile as a CD or glass photo frame, the case for adequate protection becomes even stronger. 

Consider the question from the point of view of your customer. What will they think when they receive their CD with scratches on its case or their jeans in a box that is so mangled they couldn’t tell its original shape? Of course it will paint your company in a very poor light. If you fail to receive another order from this customer, regardless of the quality of your product, you’ll have no one but yourself to blame. If the customer really is king, they must receive their goods in royal condition and in packaging that reflects their importance to you.

In taking the time and spending the money to package your products well, you’ll also be saving yourself the potential loss you would incur if the product got damaged in transit. Since the customer didn’t receive it, or received it and returned it to you, you’ll have little choice but refund them and shoulder the loss.

If the product in question is food, secure packaging will not only create a good impression, it will impinge on the wellbeing of your customers. Secure packaging that keeps out bacteria and other contaminants can help you avoid a court case and the bad publicity that goes with it should a customer suffer food poisoning and decide to seek legal redress.

When delivering products to customers in far-flung locations that will require you to rely on the postal services, packaging your goods securely is a must. You don’t  know how the parcel will be handled between your post office and the recipient’s post office so you need to do your bit to make the package as taut and protected as possible. 

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