A Nostalgic Christmas by Pottery Barn.
Pottery Barn is an American store that sells a beautiful range of home furniture and decorations. Their pinterest board focuses on home decoration and beautiful gift decoration.
This candy cane striped ribbon is beautifully tied to look extravagant and festive, the fabric ribbon has a lovely quality that allows it to bend in such a beautiful way and the way they have been cut into is beautiful. The beautiful wooden decoration also finished the decorative bow nicely and can be kept for further craft and decoration.
This plain glass jar is perfect for storing holiday treats but would also make a great gift. Filled with home-made cookies or treats and tied with some beautiful ribbon, not to mention a pretty label, it needs very little in the way of wrapping. It is sometimes the simplest gifts and wrapping that can be the most effective this time of year. Pottery Barn have sourced this image from All the beautiful Christmas blog where you will find a great amount of Christmas inspiration.

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