Of what use will a cardboard shoe box be to you? We have often asked this question, especially that these boxes come in huge quantities in our house. Basically, these boxes are very common and we want to at least make a good use for them if we cannot throw them away.

Is it really wise to dispose of the boxes? Well, not really. The boxes have a lot of good uses at home. Basically, the boxes are actually pretty well built. After all, they are made to contain shoes and sandals. These boxes are sturdy, and they are durable. As a matter of fact, you can even use them as home to your pet rats, gerbils, birds, and even your cats.

But, can you use them as containers for your expensive and precious keepsakes? Definitely, yes. As we have said earlier, these boxes are pretty tough and pretty well built. They would certainly make good containers for your expensive items.

The boxes, by themselves, are excellent places already. But, since you are planning to make them as containers for your expensive collections, then you might as well add some things to them so that the containers would be as sentimental as those which they carry.

For instance, you can paint the boxes. The color of the paint, of course, would depend entirely on your taste. Basically, if you wish to use a wide range of colors for your boxes, you may do so, and no one would question you. However, it is advised that the color should at least match the colors of the things that you place inside. In other words, they should complement each other. They should not necessarily have the same colors, but they should at least be complementary.

Furthermore, it will also be good if you add more things to the insides of the boxes. Basically, since you will be putting your precious collections in these boxes, you might as well add some decorations inside. For instance, you might want to put some internal linings in your boxes to add beauty to them. You can apply a layer of silk or linen which would give the feeling of rarity or wealth.

At any rate, it is totally unwise to throw away your cardboard shoe box. Indeed, as we have mentioned many times in this article, these boxes do have a lot of uses than you can begin to imagine.

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